In my short time working with Bella, she helped me work through some key challenges that had stalled my progression with my new horse, Bolero.  My rides had become frustrating and Bolero and I were both unhappy.  Bella assessed our strengths and weaknesses individually as well as how we were together in order to develop a personalized training approach that was geared to our specific issues and goals.  This seems like an essential skill for any trainer or instructor, but her execution and results set her apart from others.  She provides clear and consistent direction in the lessons, but also what to work on independently so you can work effectively on your own.  Her positive and supportive style makes working together a pleasure, yet she is disciplined and challenging enough to insure horse and rider are always making progress. 

- Sheila Santos 

I sent my 4 year old off the track thoroughbred to Bella Mowbray of Mowbray Sporthorses after he'd had a long spell over the summer due to be being far too busy with other horses. King had always been reasonably straight forward however he has plateaued once the basics had been established. He lacked consistency in the contact, was having green rails in the show jumping and could get quite tense on the flat. My intention was to have Bella further his education in preparation for sale as he was the most saleable horse I had, I just didn't have the time to put into him and had hit a bit of a brick wall. After Bella moved back to the U.S and a buyer default on a sale, I took King back. Needless to say within 5 minutes of my first ride I firmly decided this horse was definitely NOT for sale. The connection, the paces, the rideability; I was gobsmacked. I always thought this horse had a lot of potential but I never thought it could be unlocked so quickly. He is bolder and more willing than ever, has barely touched a rail since he returned- jumping everything with beautiful scope and bascule, demonstrating that he has all the makings of a serious FEI horse. I feel indebted to Bella for bringing out the best in my young horse and furthering his education to a point that I could continue on with him, and have great success. I would confidently recommended the services of Mowbray Sporthorses to anyone, for any purpose.

- Jess Green


"I've trained with plenty of instructors over the years and Bella is by far my favourite. Super clear, constructive and explains things in a way I can immediately get my head around. In just a couple of months she made a MASSIVE difference to my riding, built my confidence massively, and helped me fix some issues I've had for years. Every lesson was focused, varied and provided just the right level of challenge. It's rare to find an instructor who can pick up on what a rider needs so intuitively, and make such a tangible difference so quickly. Thank you Bella!"

- Emma Heath

Bella is a very accomplished rider, trainer and coach! She has a delightful attitude, provides tons of explanations, tools, feedback, and really understands horses. I am particularly impressed with her willingness to do training rides at horse shows in order to get your horse prepared for you to eventually show. This is an added bonus because I’ve experienced trainers that have too much ego thereby having a tendency to be competitive with your horse at shows. We are very lucky Bella decided to move here from Australia! 

- Heather Marchman 

"Bella Mowbray trained my horses and gave riding lessons to me and my son. I am an experienced rider but had not been on a horse for 12 years and my son was a beginner.           Within 6 months Bella had managed to get humans and horses into great shape. Bella is an amazing horsewoman who is patient, positive and generous which makes riding a pleasure. She is capable at assisting horses and riders at any level. I highly recommend her services.

- Linda Elkins                                                                    Executive General Manager at Colonial First State, Sydney Australia.


We had the best time going to the AECs with Bella Mowbray coaching the California team.  And guess what, the team won!  Strong showings by all three members produced individual champion and a reserve champion.  Bella showed us the way with her fabulous 4th place finish in the hotly contested open prelim division.

- Ruth Bley 

Bella is particularly adept at designing appropriate exercises for the horse and rider. Exercises that sequentially build confidence and skill. My horse has made huge progress as a result!

- Sonia Bennett




— Jess Green