Bella and En Vogue 2017

Bella and En Vogue 2017

Bella's riding Career

"Growing up in outer suburban Sydney, I was put on ponies before I could walk. My mother and grandmother have been strong and ongoing influential equestriennes in both my personal and professional life. 

I began riding in the dressage ring, following in my mum’s footsteps, and admiring my grandmother’s weekend work as a dressage judge. At 12 years old I was riding my mum’s schoolmaster at Prix St Georges level, and had taken my young pony through from a barely broke 3 year old, to an Australian National level dressage pony. 

At 13 my interests flared off into Three Day Eventing, I loved keeping the dressage component, and adding the excitement of the other 2 phases. 

By 16 I had produced 3 horses to the 1 star level, and had developed huge aspirations to ride at the 4 star level. During my teenage years I was fortunate to ride and train under Ryan Wood, Christopher Burton, Sam Lyle, Boyd Martin and Lesley Ann Taylor.

At 18 my partnership with “Star Vision” formed, and I quickly took up the chance to move the both of us to New Zealand to work under Clarke Johnstone. During this time, I was a working student for Clarke, learning how to be a hard worker, a meticulous horseman, an international rider, and a better person. Clarke showed me what it meant to be a world class rider.

Following my move back home to Australia, I began riding professionally. Star Vision and I began competing at the 3*** level, and won such events as the Queensland State Championship CIC3*** and the NSW State Championships CCI3***. While competing, I began coaching, training, and sales. During this time I also rode track work for racehorse trainer Chris Waller, which taught me so much about racehorse lineage, speed, rhythm, and more incredible horsemanship. 

My interest in racehorses still remains; I find my best horses have been OTTBs, and I will always love working with them in new sport horse roles. 

In 2014, I relocated to the USA to pursue a different riding venture. I rode, trained and competed many sport horses through to mid 2015. During this time I broke 6 youngsters, who are all now competing, most with amateurs. I was lucky enough to ride some already broke horses, which had some incredible results, including many top 3 placings through to the Preliminary level in California. 

During this stint to California, I imported my main horse “Star Vision”, after the sale of my CIC2** gelding “Belmont Backstage” to fund the venture. Star Vision and I were lucky to compete in the inaugural Rebecca Farm CCI*** Event, placing 5th against some of the USA’s top riders."

To Be Continued…